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A lot of the traders have been trading on Flitwick Market for many years with a couple traders who are original traders from 1977! It is this core of market traders that keep the market going! In recent times we have had a small selection of new traders trying their luck. Customer numbers have dwindled in recent years which in turn has a knock on affect on the number of traders. The old adage “use it or you lose it” applies to this market more than most. We try to keep customer numbers up by providing the personal service not seen so much in shops and stores anymore.

The rents on Flitwick Market are some of the cheapest around. This is due to the low overheads incurred by the village hall. All rents taken go towards the upkeep and repairs to the hall which was the main aim when setting up the market all those years ago. Please use the Enquiries page for more details on pricing.

Although we are a small market, we have enough free parking for those wanting to “pop” in and purchase without fear of getting a parking ticket! All we ask is you park carefully allowing enough room for others to park easily.

Due to the nature of modern retailing we open at around 8.30am. and close around 2.00pm This may vary due to extreme weather conditions though! If you come to the market and find that the weather changes, there is always the village hall to take refuge in. It serves tea and coffee and will make you feel welcome. There are also toilets in the hall which are available to all.

The traders on the present market continue to provide a selection of goods and services that most traditional markets sell but we also like to encourage new traders with product lines not catered for. If you are a trader with a line we do not have, use the Enquiries page to contact us to see if we can accommodate you!

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